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Edibles Explained.


Cannabis edibles are foods and beverages infused with cannabis. Though they’ve risen in popularity recently, edibles aren’t exactly new. There’s a long history of humans incorporating cannabis into their diets, ranging from traditional drinks in India to the humble pot brownie in the US. Now, thanks to advances in infusion methods, you can find a wide selection of cannabis-infused baked goods, gummies, seasoning packets, cooking oil, chocolates, breath strips, mints, sodas, and countless other items. 


Edible marijuana gummy candies offer a sweet and easy option for mail order marijuana users. Dosing is simplified when using gummies, no matter which shape or form they come in. From Jelly Bombs in the shape of a Lego brick, to classic medicated gummies in the shape of worms, you’ll find our assortment varied enough for you to find your favourite. Some weed gummies are THC dominant for a tasty and long lasting high. Then we have CBD edibles for medicinal purposes.

EssentialIce Cream

Rosin is a little different from the above-mentioned extracts because it’s made without the use of a solvent like butane. Instead, rosin is made with just heat and pressure being applied to the marijuana buds, kief, or trim to remove the plant resin.

You can even make rosin at home with parchment paper and a hair straightener, however higher-grade rosin is made with a hydraulic press. The result is a concentrate that is golden, sappy, and oil-like.

Because of the lack-of solvents needed, rosin also contains many of the aromas and terpenes present in the plant itself making it a favorite choice among terpene loving users.


Instead of sipping on some beer at your next party, why not try a cannabis cocktail, fruit drink, or soda? Cannabis is generally recognized as a safer alternative to alcohol and, now, enjoying your favorite herb has just gotten easier with this “subtle way to smoke weed“.

There is big interest a-brewing in cannabis-infused beverages. As an agricultural crop, the herb has a lot to offer the culinary scene. Infused juices, coffees, sodas, and more are among the hot-ticket items at dispensaries this year.


Before there were complicated extraction processes, there was hash. Hash is a form of concentrate that has been around for a long time and can be made in a variety of ways.

A common way of making hash is simply compressing kief together into what looks like small greenish disks or pucks. Other forms of hash are made with ice water and are sifted through screens to collect the concentrated cannabis extract.

All types of hash are more potent than traditional cannabis flower and are often either smoked alone or are mixed in with regular bud.

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The first thing you need to know is what a cannabis drink actually is. Cannabis edibles are differentiated by the terms “edible cannabis solid” and “edible cannabis beverage.” 


The second thing you need to know is that a cannabis drink is a beverage that’s been infused with cannabis—it’s that simple. Our cannabis drinks are infused with a cannabis extract, which we’ll get into a little later. 

Making cannabis drinks isn’t as easy as throwing some weed in a glass of water and letting it steep. How great would that be, though? The whole cannabis drink production process is pretty complex, and one that we really shouldn’t be telling you about—it’s kind of a big secret. But if you promise not to tell anyone…we’ll go over some of the main points.


CO2 extraction


Without getting too technical, CO2 extraction is the process used to create cannabis extracts. Carbon dioxide gets compressed into a liquid state, and is combined with raw cannabis materials. This little combo is put under immense pressure and heat to get things going. Once it’s released, the CO2 is in a gaseous state (we’ve all been there) and all that’s left is a concentrated cannabis extract (we have NOT all been there). 


Short-path distillation 


Now that the cannabis extract is created, it needs to go through a refining process—it’s a little rough around the edges, metaphorically speaking. Short-path distillation takes the concentrated cannabis extract and uses precise vacuum and heat control to turn it into a refined extract, or cannabis distillate. Once it’s reached this state, the cannabis distillate is ready to be added into products. They grow up so quick, don’t they? 




Now, cannabis distillate isn’t water soluble, so you can’t just add it to a liquid and expect it to dissolve. In fact, if we did that, all the THC and CBD would float to the top, leaving you with a really weird, unpleasant drinking experience; and we could never do that to you. 


Instead, we use a process called emulsification, which is a fancy way of saying “it all gets blended together using science.” We use a blending agent that attaches to the cannabis distillate, allowing it to become more water-soluble. That way, it all comes together to create a smooth drinking experience. As for what ingredients we use to emulsify our cannabis drinks…we can’t really say—but they work, trust us. 


Oh, and emulsions aren’t just a cannabis thing. Foods like whipped cream, salad dressing, mayonnaise, and butter are all common forms of emulsions. It just means that two liquids which normally don’t blend are forced into one unified (and in the case of whipped cream, delicious) product.

The term “cannabis drink” is pretty broad, and it kind of makes it sound like there’s just one option, but there are actually a few different kinds of drinks available. As for Tweed, we’ve got two types to offer: Ready-To-Drink cannabis drinks and Distilled CannabisTM (don’t worry, we’ll explain what that is).



We took three of our most popular strains and turned them into drinks. How cool is that? 

Infused with natural and botanical flavours, ready-to-drink beverages (or RTDs) are ready when you are. There’s Penelope & Tonic, Bakerstreet & Ginger, and Houndstooth & Soda. Each can will only contain 2 mg of THC, with Penelope & Tonic also containing 1.5 mg of CBD. Oh, and not to brag or anything, but the tonic and ginger ale we use are both made in house. RTDs are made with our patented Distilled Cannabis™.

Even though cannabis drinks might end up challenging the alcohol industry, don’t look for them in liquor stores just yet. For now, cannabis drinks will only be available in legal cannabis retail stores. 

Keeping public safety in mind, cannabis drinks have a limit of 10 mg of THC per package. As for CBD, there’s currently no limit as to how much can be in a cannabis drink, so that’s pretty cool. 

This is good information to know, and right now there aren’t any specific public consumption laws surrounding cannabis drinks. However, each province sets their own public consumption laws, so make sure you read your provincial guidelines to find out what the rules are in your area. Cannabis in any format should not be consumed in the workplace or while driving. 


Even though Health Canada splits them into “edible cannabis solids” and “edible cannabis beverages,” both are processed by your body the same way. That means the active compounds need to be metabolized through your gut and liver, which can take a little bit of time (between 30 minutes and two hours, lasting up to 12 hours or as long as 24).


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