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Tincture Oils

EssentialCBD Oil

Our selection of CBD oils and tincture blends have a smooth earthy taste with rich cannabinoid flavor. When you buy CBD oil from Essential Cannabis, you’re relying on the purest oils from natural sources. Our products are trusted by holistic health professionals and have been made with safe, organic plants of the highest quality. CBD oil has also been known to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and could benefit hearth health. These oils are processed with some of the highest organic standards when it comes to planting, harvest, and bottling. Every batch is processed and tested to ensure potency and purity. 

EssentialTHC Oil

THC oil offers a first-rate alternative for enjoying cannabis! THC oils are potent blends created by the use of various extraction methods that pull THC from the plant. They have a diverse number of ways they can be used and enjoyed.


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CBD and THC oils have several similarities. Both have intoxicating effects and provide a multitude of medicinal and therapeutic benefits. CBD oil is formulated with high levels of cannabidiol whereas THC oil is formulated specifically to contain high levels of THC. In most cases, CBD oil is also created by extracting cannabinoids from hemp. Hemp tends to have lower levels of THC which is why THC oil is usually created by extracting from cannabis. 

Yes. Ingestion of THC oil is possible, although it’s not the more commonly used method. Sublingual dosing, which consists of placing drops under the tongue, is preferred by most people due the timing of the effects (usually kicking in between 15 to 30 minutes).  Swallowing oil, on the other hand, works similar to any other form of edible and can take up to an hour to display the full effects. 

This all comes down to your own personal preferences. CBD and THC oils are formulated to be used in vape carts or vape pens. Vapes provide extra convenience for using your cannabis oils. However, other methods, such as dabbing, are perfectly suitable as well. 


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